Sports Betting Terminology

When betting online, many sports bettors will find that they are unfamiliar with some of the terms that are used. It is important for all bettors, new and experienced to have a complete grasp of the terminology so that they can be successful when betting online. The following list contains some popular phrases and terms that will be seen when placing cash bets online in reliable ad respected sportsbooks.

The terminology used in sports betting is not always straight forward, so beginners should make sure they become familiar with some of the most popular terms that are used online. These terms can be applied to most bets on most sports supported at a sportsbook online.

  • Across the Board – refers to horse betting where a horse will win, place and show.

  • Dime – refers to a $1000 bet • Double Bet - this is a wager that is twice the amount of the usual wager that is placed by a bettor.

  • Even Money – a wager where there are no odds on either side.

  • Futures – these are bets that are placed on a sporting event that will take place in the future.

  • Handicapping – this is the process of trying to predict the outcome of an event, usually involving deep research.

  • Limit – this is the amount that any sportsbook will allow to be bet before odds or points are changed.

  • Nickel – Refers to a bet or payout that totals $500.

  • Parlay – This is a bet that is placed on two or more teams and the winnings will be reinvested in the next bet placed. With Parlay, both bets must win in order for payouts to be collected.

  • Pointspread – This is the head start that is given to an underdog.

  • Straight Bet – A single wager on one team, player or horse.

  • Tie – With this wager, no money is lost because both teams' scores were equal, so there was no event winner.

  • Underdog - The team or player that is considered to be the most likely to lose the event.

  • Value – The highest possible edge in betting.

  • Vigorish - This is the commission that he book maker will earn on any losing bet. This is sometimes referred to as juice.