CFL Grey Cup Betting

For Canadian sports fans, the CFL Grey Cup is one of the most exciting sporting events. For more than 100 years, this event has attracted fans from all over Canada as well as the US. With many betting options available online, CFL Grey Cup bets are very popular and bettors will find that all of the Canadian sportsbooks online will offer various bet types. Most of the wagers that are placed on the Grey Cup will be in the form of point spread or point totals. The Canadian Football League is not as large as the NFL, but punters will surely see the chance to win great payouts from this amazing game at the end of the regular season.

One popular way to enjoy the thrill of online betting is through live betting. With the Grey Cup attracting so many people, many sites will offer live betting during the game. This will offer fast changing odds and endless betting excitement. As the game progresses, the odds will change for various bets, so there are some great chances to generate stunning wins with live betting options. There are also all the standard options for bets, including props and totals. Punters can even place futures bets on this event and many are already betting on the Cup now.

The easiest way to bet on the Grey Cup is by choosing the team that will win. While this is a simple bet that doesn’t offer huge rewards, it is a great option for those that are new to online sports betting. There are also money line and point spread bets, which are commonly used by those with betting experience. No matter what bets are chosen. , it is important to review the odds at eh bookmaker. These will vary based on what site is chosen, but overall, the Grey Cup offers some fantastic betting options that can add quiet a bit of cash to the account.

Many betting sites will also set up prop bets for this event. These can include who will be chosen MVP, who has the longest pass, how many touchdowns are scored and many other betting options. With prop bets, the betting experienced becomes a bit more exciting and personalised, so these are top choices for many online bettors.